HtbaS – Episode 167

It’s the late episode! Work is nuts this week, and will not be any better next week. So not a lot of sewing, but there was a lot of snowing. And cooking. And some catching up on book reviews!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the info about Pandemic and books by podcast. I listen to quilting podcasts but didn’t know about listening to books. I enjoy hearing about your projects and I don’t know how you get so much done.

  2. Hey, Pam! Enjoyed your recent episode. I would love to hear a recap of your weight loss journey. When exactly you started and how you did it–obviously running was a big part of it but I’d like to hear more about your menu.

    Also, please don’t feel that you can’t podcast because you didn’t sew much. You sew more than most of us, I’m betting.

    BTW, my husband bought me a big bag of M&Ms for Valentines. **Sigh**

  3. All I could think while listening was “Not as fries, not in pies. Not in oil, not as I toil. I do not like those nasty Yams. I do not like them, Hip I am.”

    I feel the same way about okra, and the words I use for it could not be used in a Dr. Seuss book.

  4. Great podcast episode, as usual. You really brighten up my Fridays! I actually love yams, but holy cripes, are they gassy! They rival brussel sprouts in that category. I’m with you on those Jennifer Chiaverini books, and feel like a downright heathen by saying I do not like them at all. Tried one, struggled to get through it, and that was it. I do get tempted by her pretty cover art, but nope, can’t go there again.

  5. I’ll trust you on the Brussels Sprouts. Reading The Rosie Project now and really enjoying it. I hear the whole thing in Sheldon’s voice (from The Big Bang Theory).

    Relax about how much you are getting done. This is a new season in your life, and may not be the time to churn out quilts in massive numbers. Glad the sun is finally out. Just remember…the children will go back to school eventually!

  6. Get a housecleaner. Even 1x per month would make your life better. You work full time and shouldn’t spend your free time cleaning. Lecture over. 😉

  7. I have to agree about Jennifer Chiaverrini. I don’t like her books for a number of reasons. I haven’t read any of the ‘historical’ books in the series after the Underground Railroad book and haven’t read any of the others since around that time either. Perhaps it would be helpful if I forbade you from reading her anymore? Let me know. I can hook you up. 😉

    I know you already posted your most recent episode but perhaps you will just laugh to yourself and say what a card I am.

  8. I’m a tad behind on podcasts, so I know this is no longer the most current, but….I had to tell you that your comments about acting more like a grown-up had me smiling. Mostly because I am doing just the opposite. After years of trying to act like a grown-up, I decided to let my true self shine through, which probably means acting more like a kid! I teach first grade, so it isn’t going to hurt me professionally at all, and I’m hoping it helps me to be just a bit more at ease with life in general. Thanks for your podcasts. I always enjoy.

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