WIP Wednesday: Testing the Limits

Scrapideux blocksThis week I am wondering if there such as a thing as “too scrappy”.  I blame this partly on my own control-freak tendencies, and partly on the fact that this is a gift for someone and I’d hate for them to think it’s ugly. I don’t think it’s quite ugly, but it certainly is busy!

I did introduce a little control by using one consistent background fabric – a cream with white polka dots.  Not only was that a nod to my inner control freak, but also a time-saving-during cutting technique!

I’ve got all the blocks done, and am in the process of piecing the top together. If you’d like to make your own version of Scrapitude, check out all the steps on Sandy’s blog.

I’m also planning on putting together the rest of the blades from my Bitty Broken Star (in the cool colors to complete the Roy G Biv experience!)


13 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Testing the Limits”

  1. I think it’s pretty common to get to this stage of a scrappy quilt and really start to question your own judgement. Once it is together, I think it will be fantastic, but I get what you’re saying.

    I am at that point with the spider web quilt. Some days I think it is a giant waste of time, but I have seen enough finished ones to know that it will work.

  2. This is a super fun block, but even scrappy, I think I’d have to limit my color scheme for blocks like this. Otherwise, I think it would make my brain hurt, and I’d be likely to piece it together all wrong.

  3. With scrappy quilts, the more, the better. I bet you like it better when you have more blocks and you see them all laid out. Are you planning sashing? If you use only one fabric for all the sashing, that will help tone it down, too.

  4. I like the scrappy look. Need to master my scraps. Any recommendation which sizes to cut. I read so many recommendation my head swims.
    Enjoy your podcast very much by the way.

  5. NO SUCH THING as too scrappy, and your star blocks are sparkling and beauteous! I think your fabrics play nicely off one another, and give off a very cheerful, upbeat vibe.

  6. I think with the consistent background it looks great. It would be a bit too busy for me if you used scrappy background instead of the cream. It looked weird with the brown sashing, but by the end I realized that was the floor underneath 😀

  7. Love love love scrappy. My most used quilt is my scrap vomit one…it’s an insane # of 2.5 in squares.

  8. Love it! It will look fantastic all put together. I used a tan background on mine and am thoroughly pleased with the result. It is at the longarm quilter right now getting all dolled up. The first, but not the last of my scrap quilt adventures.

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