HtbaS – Episode 204

A lot of chatter this week around various projects, distractions, and of course, cats.

One Reply to “HtbaS – Episode 204”

  1. Hi Pam,

    I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts and eagerly await their arrival on my iPod.
    I was thrilled to hear you mention the Featherweight machine in your latest podcast.
    I have procrastinated for a couple of years but now have one “221” and one “222” come up on Trade Me (New Zealand’s type of eBay).
    I have decided to wait no longer in my quest to own one.

    I would love your opinion on these wee machines.

    I am a Bernina fan girl and regularly use my 830 so it will be a very different sewing experience.
    However, we also take our caravan away so the 221/222 would be ideal.
    Another big plus is the fact it was manufactured in 1953 the same vintage as me 😉

    Cheers from Tauranga


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