HtbaS – Episode 221

This week I talk about catching up and staying on top of things, finishing quilts last week, and plans for a fun Friday night.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 221”

  1. Hi Pam
    Enjoyed your early podcast. I listened to it whilst walking today. Thanks for putting me onto the POD. I am up to this week’s monster book block but not sure when. I’ve signed up with Blogging A to Z challenge and its a bit time sink as I am trying to get my posts done and scheduled before we leave for Malaysia next week. I am having hassles with the scheduling despite getting my technical advisor on the job. I loved the butter beer block you did. I made the same one. I just loved the look of it so much. Enjoy your spring break. We have holidays here too. We call ours the Easter Holidays (can you guess why?) It would be Autumn break here if we were seasonal about it… we do have summer holidays but the other holidays get their month name (with the exception of this one which gets Easter)

    I am giving you a mention when my blog gets to P… cause P is for Podcasts (not Pam … sorry … cause its not all about you :0 )

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