WIP Wednesday: Molehills

I am attempting to finish a number of small projects this week to build up to a mountain of progress.  However, there are only so many fat quarters that can be crammed into a journal cover and some zipper pouches.

Not Penny's QuiltIn the mean time, I finished my commission quilt, which is about the side of a table topper or small baby quilt. It, along with the Polkadotamus quilt, are on the way to their near-final destination.

I’m working on another baby quilt, potentially for donation, but we’ll see, and a couple other things that need cutting before I can dive into piecing.  I’m still working on the balance between day job, hobby, the start of school and my husband’s birthday, and ….

Yeah. A bit busy.

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  1. I understand the struggle. I am now a home based employee so theoretically I should be able to use lunch time as sew time but first the sewing space needs to be functional. It is taking longer than I thought for a multitude of reasons so hand piecing and sewing on the dining room table are keeping me going :-). Like the quilt in the photo – nice job.

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