HtbaS – Episode 241

This week I talk about some of the work that goes into The Stitch and future pattern plans, trying to figure out EQ7, worrying about bleeding on fabric, and a breakdown of how I spend my day to try to explain how I get stuff done.

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  1. enjoyed the podcast (as usual) It is interesting to know how you get through what you get through but as you acknowledge we are all different and work in different ways. I was stunned to hear that your daughter has to catch a bus at 10 to 7 and you live in an urban area. Wow. When I was little I had to catch a bus at 7.30 but that was because we lived 30 miles out of town. Where we live now, in a rural country town some kids still have to travel big distances to the school (mainly high schoolers) but town kids leave much later. We don’t have as many local buses as you… our buses are mainly bringing kids from out lying areas. Town kids on the whole have to make their own way to school – walk, bike or parents drop them off.

    I watched the stitch and enjoyed it and it is interesting to know the process there and also your plans for the future. You forgot to mention that it will involve mentioning Australia… that is important. You can mention New Zealand too I guess… but mention Australia first to keep our national inflated opinion of ourselves and our importance flying high (or at least higher than NZ)

  2. Hi Pam. I would definitely appreciate patterns in PDF format. The cost of freight on books and patterns puts me off buying them. Today I was about to order an NZD $18 pattern from Craftsy ( part of class materials) and the freight to get it to New Zealand was quoted as NZD $71. Needless to say I did not go ahead with the purchase.
    Therefore I’m all for digital downloads. I often get quilt magazines in digital form and just print off the patterns I like.
    More often than not I do not really like all the patterns in purchased books.

  3. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I made it this far through life without knowing that phat was an acronym for pretty hot and tempting!!! What?! I can’t believe I never knew that!

    I’m one of the people who goes into my office/sewing room and gets paralyzed by indecision, thereby completing absolutely nothing. I’ll have to try to incorporate more PAM into my life. 🙂

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