WIP Wednesday – Weird Hotel Art Edition

The good news is I have managed to complete ONE paper pieced motif from the Diamonds in the Sky quilt while traveling for work this week.  I’m in Las Vegas, so my internal time zone monitor is all whacked out, and there’s a weirdly delightful assortment of strange hotel art that I’m running across.

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There is also a picture of King Tut in the bathroom.  Granted, he’s not pointed at the toilet phone, but he is staring at me in the shower. So…. yeah. Nice. Way to ramp up the skeeze factor, Vegas!

In other news, good thing I brought the paper piecing kit since one of my work colleagues has a busted zipper and needed a quick fix.

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  1. I AM more willing to bust out the sewing skills when it is an emergency…but I am so tired of being asked to alter things! Do you say yes? Do you have a good way of saying no? I’m a total people pleaser, but I need to learn how to say no sometimes. Like I said, an emergency while traveling is one thing…but being asked because they don’t want to pay the alteration people at the mall….not cool!

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