WIP Wednesday – Seekrit Stuff

This week I’ve been working on seekrit stuff.  It won’t be a secret forever, but have to keep it hidden for a bit because of Reasons.  In the mean time, I can show obscure close-ups of trial projects, like this:

And some of the units I’ve been making as leaders and enders, like these low-volume blocks for an ultimately king-sized quilt.

Only 90 more of each layout to go! #gah #quilts #lowvolume

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Don’t tell Lynn, but I’m kind of thinking of using Rose Quartz or a pale lavender for a skinny border once I get all the center blocks pieced! We discussed our thoughts on the Pantone colors of the year in episode 105 of The Stitch last month, and I may have called them “blush and baby pants”.

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5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Seekrit Stuff”

  1. Your obscure closeups have yummy colors and fab quilting. Amy Ellis’ new line Serenity uses the Pantone colors (more or less). Not sure if that was intentional, but they look nice in the quilts she has in her IG feed.

  2. Your trial project is very pretty – what I could see of it. Love the colors and your quilting looks fantastic!

  3. LMAO on the use of Pantone’s Rose Quartz after “commenting” on it in an earlier post. The reason is because I wrote an editorial for a home improvement “Interiors” magazine on it recently, which kind of had some fun with the 2016 colours in a lightly mocking way – then found myself pulling these colours for a BOM I’m involved in!!!! Even worse, then I saw some Tranquility and Rose Quartz fabrics that I purchased online… ;o)

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