WIP Wednesday – Busyness

This week I’ve been busy sewing up a lot of intermediate steps, like these border blocks for the eventual Sparkling Gems quilt top. These need to be made in 7 different colorways, which are not referred to with normal colors like blue or orange or yellow. It’s like wanting to order a large coffee at Starbucks and having to remember their naming scheme, and that “grande” may feel “large” but is in fact “small”, much like “citron” feels yellow or orange but is in fact green.

Sparkling Gems border blocksI’ve also been working on the back for this monstrous Christmas quilt – I’m 9″ shy on the width for the back, so having to resort to some additional creative piecing to make it work. This picture captures an eighth of the quilt top because it’s too big fail. Or quilt.

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  1. Actually I think grande is medium, and venti is large šŸ˜
    I had to read it twice to get what you mean šŸ™‚ but yes, it’s a bummer when they can’t just refer to regular colors. DF is painting a room, where the blue is called utah sky… Should I mention it has nothing to do with Utah? šŸ™‚ at least as I can remember the sky there was a lot lighter than this color is…
    It will be interesting to see those blocks set with the quilt top.

    1. LOL. I live in Utah and the sky varies it’s shades of blue and gray depending on the weather, just like anywhere else. Sometimes it’s even bluish-black with fireflies that got stuck.

  2. How monstrous is monstrous? Is it Sully monstrous or Mike monstrous or Waternoose monstrous or Boo monstrous.

    Anywho, I like what I can see of it. Good luck with that creative piecing.

  3. I am reading Peaches for Father Francis, the 3rd in the Chocolat series. I read the others so long ago, I am having a hard time catching up. This is a good story on its own, but the others, I think, would add something. In that book, Vianne orders a Citron Presse’. I thought it was some kind of French Press coffee. It turns out it is a cold drink like lemonade. They definitely use lemon juice, so I am assuming it is yellow. This is part of the reason why I agree that citron should not be green. Is citron a special green. I can accept that, but if they are just using it as a fancy word for green, I am not on board.

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