The Stitch – Episode 111 Audio Only

This month, Pam and Lynn open with some chatter about summer vacation, and then dive into the psychology of quilting, designing quilts from scratch, and how collaboration in quilting works. Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement at the end!

This is the audio-only version of the video on YouTube. See show notes, photos, and more available on The Stitch TV Show page!

NOTE: This audio-only version of The Stitch is replacing my usual weekly HtbaS podcast; I’ll be back solo next week for the usual geeky fare!

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  1. So I’m actually WATCHING the Stitch this time (while I fold diapers because we’re thrifty (crazy) like that an use cloth diapers). I’m 3 minutes in and feeling like I need to go back and watch all the others, too!! Thanks, y’all!

  2. Me again. Yeah, gonna comment as I listen because thoughts.

    I appreciate your take on the article, Pam, especially since I view quilting as part of my road to recovering my mental healthy, not a threat to it. And I think Lynn is right that any kind of lying to our families is problematic.

    Regarding “stash:” my artistic background is originally in painting. No one thinks that painters will only go out and buy paint when they have a particular work in mind, so why would we assume that other makers must be bound by a project to purchase supplies (fabric, yarn, whatever)? When I started getting serious about quilting a couple months ago, the first thing I did was buy a stash because I think of that fabric as my paintbox. If I lack something I need for a particular project, I’ll go get it, but I usually start in my stash. For that reason, I think we should do away with stash shaming as a general rule. Of course we want to be good stewards of space, money, etc and not compulsively buy fabric we never plan to use. Tracking our stash or “working our stash off” is a fabulous way to keep things in balance. So, yeah, maybe we need a new word with more of a “paintbox” feel to it.

    I was going to ask you if you used regular clothes pins when you photograph quilts– this closeup just answered that! The bookshelf quilt looks great!

    Lynn– I do my math backward, too. If I REALLY don’t want to measure for borders, I’ll just lay out the fabric next to the blocks before I sew them together and cut based on that because the seam allowances will give me wiggle room later. Excess can always be trimmed. #sloppyquilterconfessions

    When I think of collaboration I think, “NO YOU CAN’T MAKE ME.” But I’m getting better. I’m learning to play with others. Slowly. Being a mom helps, oddly enough.

    Yay patterns! Question: how does one go about getting patterns printed/produced?

    Now that I’ve written a small essay of comments… Thanks again y’all!!

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