WIP Wednesday: Slackers

Well, this was the scene when I left for my work trip last weekend, and I expect that it has not changed much:

The cats are in hog heaven since Fred the dog is away at Camp Papa for the week and my husband is there, being swarmed nightly by the cats.

I’ve been working on some hand stitching and might finish a wool applique project this week, letting me log a 1/4 yd in the Stash Report!

4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Slackers”

  1. Dang they’re cute. I got brave this week and left my latest experiment out on the cutting table so I could look at it and think as I walk by. Miracle of miracles, the cats haven’t destroyed it!

  2. i see the kitties are working hard holding things down in case a hurricane breaks out!

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