WIP Wednesday – Tiny Tuffet

Because life has a sense of humor, I came down with a heinous migraine yesterday so am just now getting caught up on work and sewing in advance of my class with Bonnie Hunter tomorrow! I did manage to fit in a small finish, however.

When I was visiting the quilt shop while at my parents’ house, Nancy’s Calico Patch (hi ladies!), I found this kit for a tiny adorable tuffet pin cushion.

The kit, from License To Quilt came with the foam insert, walnut shells, pattern, wood base, and bolts.  I supplied the fabric, button, and cabinet knobs for feet.  I have some very hefty brass knobs from our previous house that I couldn’t let go of for some reason, and now, finally they have a purpose!

The glamorpuss purple sparkly button came from my depths of my soul or something, because heck if I can remember why I would have ever bought such a thing.  Fabric came from a quilt shop visit with Jaye in San Francisco, so the project is chock full of travel memories!

8 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Tiny Tuffet”

  1. Quilty confession– thus far in my sewing journey I just keep my pins in that little plastic box they come in. I probably need to make something cute like this.

  2. i thought the button was a scrumble of beads…i think the button has found a perfect home…that’s a little quilty karma that you acquired it at some point!

  3. Aw! So cute! I have a pattern that I was supposed to test for a life sized t
    uffet but the cost overcame. I proofread and called it good. I need to make one of these.

    1. And I am a liar! LOL I just looked up my pattern and it’s a floor cushion, not a tuffet. Still want to make it though, and a tuffet. Tuffet. Love to say that! 😉

  4. So cute! I thought the button was a cluster of pins with purple heads – how perfect would that have been? – but the button is certainly serendipitous. This might be a tuffet I could manage.

  5. Cute and probably the only tuffet I might consider making. The full size version that has been hotter than the Atlanta pavement for the past year is way expensive to make and not something that would suit my decor :-).

    Love the button you used looks like a bunch of beads.

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