HtbaS – Episode 281

This week I give a recap of the pattern launch party for The Stitch, my escape room experience, doing yoga with cats, and what I’ve been sewing.  Stay tuned for a Rafflecopter giveaway over on to win a PDF copy of one of the new patterns! Next week’s episode will be the audio from this month’s The Stitch, and then I’ll be back the week after with just me.

Note: there’s an occasional electronic humming in this episode, which I think I’ve figured out the source of. It should be fixed in future episodes.

Books discussed this week:

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  1. Whenever I’m working on secret stuff which is almost always nowadays, I share pretty pictures of the fabric bundles I’m using, artful images of cut up pieces, and then super closeups of the quilting where you can’t really see the overall design. This way I can share something without giving anything away. It’s how I’ve managed to blog and keep up with instagram while working on multiple things for publication without things going dead and losing my audience.

    On IG I hashtag everything #secretsewingchrista so that people can go back and see the “progress” as well as the final reveal. Hope that gives you some ideas of how to share without really sharing. Cute cat pics on piles of fabric would be fun, too 😉

    1. I was actually going to comment, “Do what Christa does!” But you beat me here! Lol. I LOVE the movement toward sharing process photos in all types of art– from fabric pulls to scraps to styled images with spools of thread. Since y’all have a lot of music and movie inspiration, you might think about styling images that include album covers or DVD cases, etc. Then the bits of fabric and such would be secondary in the image.

      Also, Pam, y’all may want to check out the StudioB Instagram Challenge @StudioBicyclette– Paige sends a different topic for posting each day for a week with ideas for the image and for the caption. I found it really helpful for thinking out of my usual routine of sharing only WIPs and finished products.

      Just some thoughts. 🙂

  2. Oh – and about Itunes. They podcasts don’t automatically show up as downloads on my iphone anymore, but I can click each podcast feed and they are there. So I can still get my fix.

  3. Thanks so much for your blog. I randomly found it one day while gardening. I had recently moved and hadn’t finished getting the sewing space any where near usable. I was mentally stuck at furniture placement and organization. I was really starting to feel lost. Listening to the audio of the stitch tv show and then hip to be a square podcasts helped get me motivated to get things set up and start working with fabric. My sewing time is limited but at least i have a work in progress that i can pop down and work on. Thanks for helping me get out of my funk and to loose the lost feeling! Looking forward to hearing many more broadcasts! Thanks again!

  4. Hi Pam, just listened to this podcast and you mentioned something about people having problems with iTunes downloading. I thought I was the only one!! I subscribe to about 10 different podcasts and for the last few months they appear to download the episodes as the podcasters post them – as would normally be done. So I do see them as being “unplayed” episodes when I click on my podcast icon on my iPhone BUT when I try to play any of them I get a pop-up that says “episode is currently unavailable”, and I can’t play them, until……I delete each one of them and then go back to the actual feed and download each one individually again. It such a pain in the a**. I just spent about 20 minutes doing that. I had about 8 current podcasts, all from different podcasters, that “appeared” to be in my unplayed list, but all of them had the same pop up message when I tried to play them and I had to delete and download each one again. Ugh!!! Have you any ideas why this is happening?

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