The Stitch – Episode 112 Audio Only

We wrap up season 1 of The Stitch with a taping in front of a live studio audience at Red Hen Fabrics following our pattern launch party.  This show is a bit different since it’s all audience questions submitted during the party, so the topics range from needle & thread to Pokemon, and includes all the hazards of live filming (including some tech blips!).

A huge thank you to everyone who has tuned in in the past year! We look forward to coming to you TWICE a month in our second year!

This is the audio-only version of the video on YouTube. See show notes, photos, and more available on The Stitch TV Show page!

NOTE: This audio-only version of The Stitch is replacing my usual weekly HtbaS podcast; I’ll be back solo next week for the usual geeky fare!

3 Replies to “The Stitch – Episode 112 Audio Only”

  1. YAY TWICE A MONTH!! How will that change the HTBAS schedule?

    Any tips for designing in Excel? I don’t have EQ7.

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