HtbaS – Episode 284

This week I talk about various totebag and quilting projects, as well as give a recipe review and overview of Cashew Chicken!  I also talk about books I’ve read (or “experienced”) in the last two weeks and give a short preview of the coming weeks.

Join us for the Labor Day Sew In! Just use #LDSI on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to share what you’re stitching for the long weekend (or regular weekend if you’re outside North America!)

Find me at Sew Pro in Chicago next week in two weeks if you’re going for a chance to get some Stitch TV Show swag. Next week’s quilting podcast episode will be a regular episode, and then the week after that, The Stitch TV Show episode 202.


Books discussed in this episode:

Quilt long and prosper!

5 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 284”

  1. Yuck scented fabric!

    Kids to guild:. Our guild thankfully voted in June that kids over 10 can come to guild. I’ve brought both my girls over the last few years. I’m glad to have such an inclusive guild.

    Unfortunately babies are technically not allowed, but I’d say that newborns would be overlooked but toddlers wouldn’t!

    The company I used to work for let bring my newborn to the company Christmas party (3 weeks old) but the following year there were then families that brought their toddlers and preschoolers! Then they introduced a no kids policy! I made a beautiful silky (poly) asking for her that evening. It was so comfy….

  2. Another thought on filming wardrobe. You might get t-shirts, polos and/or button down shirts adorned with The Stitch logo. Always wear the same thing. Consistency rather than variety.
    We may be trying the cashew chicken soon. It looks really good. Thanks for the link!

  3. I’m sure I had something sassy to say, but it has long since escaped me. It was super fun, though, to listen to this episode while driving to and from my adventure at Quilting By the Bay last weekend!

    I can’t wait to try the Cashew Chicken! Asian food is my favorite– both to eat and cook!

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