HtbaS – Episode 285

Although I didn’t think I had much to talk about this week, I end up waxing poetic about the AQS censorship situation from the Grand Rapids show, and a little about the Modern Quilt Guild blog and revision to the description of derivative work.  I also discuss plans for The Stitch TV Show while attending the Sew Pro convention next week in Chicago.

Books reviewed in this episode:

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  1. 1) Thank you for reminding me that quilt week is next week. Somehow, I’d filed it in my head as an October thing. I’m sharing and interview with Kathy Nida on the blog next Friday, so I’m going to run up to Chatty on Thursday to see the quilts in person!!
    2) YES! I’ll do all the tshirt quilts! I work with folks all over the US, and when the new shop opens tomorrow, I’ll be offering both rag-style and traditional-style tshirt quilts.
    3) are y’all doing any filming or anything at quilt week?
    4) I want to set my sights on SewPro for 2017 or 2018, but I couldn’t find a registration price online? How did that work?

    1. Hey Pam have an idear for you about the shower scrubbing. Try mr. Clean magic eraser it works wonders for me. I do cleaning for a few family’s and I used that in one of the showers and it was amazing they couldnt believe how clean I got it. Hehe let me know if you give it a try.

  2. Good news – the MQG usually does have a general membership meeting each time at QuiltCon. I think you can attend any of the online town halls you want to and the recordings will be saved. The MQG is presenting the town hall as a webinar which is usually open to all members so you should be able to watch any of them live. It sounds like questions can be submitted by all members ahead of time and will be addressed during the town hall.

    As far as combining opinions (politics, religion, industry controversies) with business, my philosophy has been to not engage in the discussions publicly even if I have a strong opinion. I heard somewhere that when you are in business, “every profile is your business profile” so I don’t engage. Like you I’d probably get the button, but not wear it when I’m representing my business, which frankly for me, is anytime I’m anywhere doing anything to do do with quilting.

  3. While you are in Chattanooga, you may also want to check another lovely shop called Chattanooga Quilts. Like Spool, it’s in a great old building and the owner and employees are always so friendly and helpful!

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