The In-Between: Sunday and Wednesday Now On Tuesday

I had every intention of posting Sunday Stash and staying on top of my blogging commitments, but after we filmed our two episodes of The Stitch on Saturday morning, our very dear friend and production guru was in an accident I’ve been a bit of mess and distracted ever since.  She will ultimately be fine and Lynn and I are delivering her sustentative cake at the hospital soon.

In between worrying if I’ve been worrying enough about her, I did manage to finish quilting one of the big projects I was working on, despite the cats best efforts at helpering.

That was on top of baseball playoffs coming up this week for my son, a “quilting with rulers” class, three big old deadlines in the next three weeks, and fiddling with a new light tent for taking pictures of quilt assembly for pattern writing. Also with more helpering from the cats.

I’ve had to dehair it twice already.

In Sunday Stash news, I didn’t finish anything last week but I did buy fabric for a future project and couple yards for stash.  I’ll provide some two-week numbers at the end of this week.

6 Replies to “The In-Between: Sunday and Wednesday Now On Tuesday”

  1. Take it easy! Don’t make yourself crazy. If you don’t blog this week, you’ll have more for next week. thinking about you. Let me know if you need me to send you some chocolate or something to keep you on an even keel.

  2. Take a deep breath and eat some of the cake you are planning to deliver. Perhaps you need to teach the Ninavore how to actually use the equipment :-). The stash report will wait another week and if you finish a few things it will even look better.

  3. My prayers are with your Production Guru and both you and Lynn. Animals have a definite instinch for being where you are or where you’ve been.

  4. Yikes! That’s lots of stress. So glad to hear that your friend is going to be ok, but the worry is a lot to deal with. Cuddle those kitties and try to breathe.

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