The Stitch TV Show – Episode 205 Audio Only

In this episode of The Stitch TV Show, we open with a quick discussion of our two classes with Wendy Butler Berns.  Then we dive into marking (or not marking) quilts, and the perils and controversies of various methods. Our second topics covers the basting process and tips.

This is the audio-only version of the video on YouTube. See show notes, photos, and more on The Stitch TV Show page! This audio-only version of The Stitch is replacing my usual weekly HtbaS podcast; I’ll be back next week for the usual geeky fare!

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One Reply to “The Stitch TV Show – Episode 205 Audio Only”

  1. I love it when you talk about stuff like coefficient of friction. It makes my inner geek happy 🙂

    I did the board basting thing with the one large quilt I’ve finished. It worked out really well for me. I don’t have enough open floor space to baste a queen-size quilt, and even if I did one of the beastcats is an incorrigible tunneler and it would have been impossible. I did a seriously half-assed sanding job but had no problems with splinters or anything.

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