WIP Wednesday – The Helperest of Helpers

I really wonder what I would take pictures of if not for cats. Endless entertainment. For me anyway. You all that don’t like cats probably just stash these pics away as evidence why cats are horrible.

First, Nina sat on the four patches for the Stargyle Quilt (I figured out I was five short and needed to make a couple more).

And then I was cutting sashing pieces, and Jett helpfully pre-tested those for me to quantify maximum snuggliness.

I’ve also been battling a migraine on and off all day today, which is particularly challenging since I have 13 conference call today! And the last one is at 9pm tonight. Gotta remember to dial in to it rather than pass out on the couch tonight, so I can talk to my work colleagues in Oz and Asia!

4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – The Helperest of Helpers”

  1. Don’t feel guilty about getting online at 12 instead of 9. I understand the late hour is necessary, but killing yourself isn’t.

    Do you disrupt your sleeping beauties when you are trying to get stuff done?

  2. I live my crazy cat woman life vicariously through you. I miss my helper kitties but hubby’s severe allergies and smart cats didn’t go together. We found them a nice home with a new family and sent al their cat trees, toys and treats with them. I cried, hubby felt terrible but within a week he was off his inhaler and in a month off his asthma meds so it was the right move.
    Keep sharing your kitty pics!

  3. Coincidences abound. My library just notified me that my copies of MissPeregrine’s Peculiar Children and Small Great Things are ready to be picked up. Our book choices dont often agree…never read fantasy. I never comment on podcasts (I listen in middle of night during sleepless nights and don’t think to comment when I’m fully awake for the day) but here I am..yours is one of my favs.

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