HtbaS – Episode 293

In episode 293 of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I think back on our recent family road trip (and my initial bad hotel choice), some recent sewing on the Bonnie Hunter En Provence mystery, my upcoming year-end stash report, and some reflection on where we’ve come with The Stitch TV Show and where we’re going with it.

Books mentioned in this podcast:

Today’s podcat was definitively Nina, who can probably be heard purring in the background (while punching me in the throat).

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  1. Podcats. 1) I feel so much better knowing that Nina can rival my cats for fart-nuggetry. 2) Moby was present when I showed Hubster the video of Nina opening cabinets– and now he (Moby) can open cabinets! I’m convinced Nina gave him the idea. Darn cats.

    Also, I’m adding dog grooming arms to my sewing room wish list. Thanks for the tip!

  2. You are much more patient than I would be with the podcat. I would have flung, uh removed her nicely, from the room after the first throat punching. I am not a pet person, though, so perhaps I don’t understand.

    I think building a business takes time (ask me how I know sometime) and you and Lynn are doing a good job building your brand and finding opportunities to expand it. You don’t have the time or any help to market full time, so the growth will be slower. I think looking at what you like and don’t like about other companies and also what is not working for them will help a lot.

    All I can say about the Dresden Garden is that I laughed when you mentioned it, not because the quilt is funny or anything but because it is still hanging around. I am glad that you like it. I think you will be able to get going on it if you think of one step to do next.

    I just read People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks and found it to be an amazing book.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Could totally hear the purring about halfway through the podcast — lol! Cute! I’ve been sharing The Stitch on fb and twitter, and now sharing the podcast too. Ya’ll have a very unique show with The Stitch and it WILL catch on like wildfire at some point. The length is good, the banter is awesome, and the conversation is interesting. You are correct to not become an infomercial for your sponsors. As a quilter who blogs and reads A LOT of blogs, I feel incredibly over-marketed to already; I suspect I’m not alone. Brief commercials are fine, but please keep the conversation not sales oriented. Keep on keeping on with The Stitch; one day ya’ll are gonna be stars and have to wear shades to the grocery store 😉

  4. Hello Pam this is Nicole. I started watching the stitch after a YouTube recommendation when I was watching Bonnie Hunter’s quilt cam. I have since moved on to also listen to your podcast. I am also an engineer, mom of two, quilter, and cat owner. I enjoy your recommendations on books and your reflections on life in general. Thank you for a connection to someone who is so similar to myself.

  5. Every pic of my husband is exactly like you described, the only smiles are when I sneak a pic when he is unaware. I think it is from football pics in high school,, then military. I had a similar experience in my job this year with more work, no promotion, feeling the squeeze…..I am focusing on taking care of myselfor 2017. A job I have neglected .

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