HtbaS – Episode 295

It’s episode 295 of the Hip to be a Square Quilting Podcast! This week, I catch you on upcoming appearances and live filming dates for The Stitch TV Show, the class I’m teaching at Red Hen in Marietta on February 11, the quilting tips series call “PAMing It” I do on Instagram, and pre-announce the February 5th Sportsball Sew-In on social media! Use #SBSI to play along then.

Here’s the link to the post with fabric usage calculation for quilts.

And here is the Morse-Code looking quilt top I’ve been improv piecing.

4 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 295”

  1. Just wondering if you and the crew were planning on selling the stitch tv mugs like those that appear on your show. Love them! Thanks for keeping this podcast going!

  2. I looked at your stash formula …. and it down right scares me …. LAST math class I had was over 50 years ago

    THANKS for all the updates in the quilting world … out of touch this week so it was nice to get the updates.


  3. Thanks for celebrating my birthday. 😉 It wasn’t a very happy day for me, but there is always next year.

    The new Saturday Sampler fabric combo of Kaffe Fassett and Moda Grunge sounds interesting. I am in the process of reviewing one of Kaffe’s books and found that that book really showed me how his prints work well together. If I could remember the name of the book, I would share, but…well…hhmmm. Anyway. Though the various prints might seem chaotic, there is a method to the madness and this unnamed book makes it clear. I can see the Moda Grunge making an interesting addition and can’t wait to see your progress.

    I hope you reported that stinky book to the library. I know you said you were, but I hope you did. That smoke smell is digusting and I know how you felt. Blech.

    Take care.

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