WIP Wednesday: A Rainbow of Opportunities

Having finished up my En Provence quilt (binding on last night!), I have that slightly empty feeling you get when wrapping up a big project. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, and I know what I *should* be working on, but I got diverted by this group of scraps on my cutting table that I couldn’t resist spreading out to admire.

Rainbow scraps

These could end up as a tablerunner or two, or a donation quilt, or who knows what. Ah, the delightful prospect of a blank slate!

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: A Rainbow of Opportunities”

  1. I’ve been listening for a few months and really enjoy having you “get me to work”. I learned something from you that has been a huge help. I bought my Mom a Janome 10 years ago just as she became very ill. She passed away and it’s been sitting in my basement. I totally forgot about it. I was thrilled when I found it. It’s basically brand new. My husband made me a rolling table so I can take into our family room and piece while watching TV and enjoying his company. YAY. About a month ago, the stitching was “all over the place”. I read the book, changed the needle – nothing helped. I was on my way to Ashby with it and then heard your comment that Singer needles are the “thing” for most Janomes. Low and behold, I had a Schmidt needle in the machine. I changed to Singer needle yesterday and my machine is HEALED! Thank you Pam! I am a happy girl. Bernina in my sewing room – Janome in the family room. I really, really enjoy the TV program and look forward to your posts. Keep up the good work. A new, avid listener. Janice Mazur – Fayetteville who works in Marietta.

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