WIP Wednesday – Pure Adrenaline

We had a little planning meeting (read: group text) about what pattern is coming out next from The Stitch, and one that really only bubbled up to the consideration list late last year is now at the very top of the list and, guess what, it’s one of my designs! And then we decided on a launch date and then I realized I needed to make 3 (finished!) samples for it by next Thursday.

And then I passed out.

While I’m good and fast, and not always in that order or at the same time, I decided that it might be a bit unrealistic, especially since we have a family birthday and my wedding anniversary this weekend, and there’s only so much distraction the Atlanta Falcons playoff game can provide my husband on our actual anniversary.

Eventually I opted to ask for some grace and changed publication date to give me two more weeks, but it’s actually going pretty well and I’ve got most of the pattern written at this point. Having lighting tent set up on the cutting table, however, makes things a tight squeeze.

I will say, however, that the adrenaline from leaping into making 3 quilts in a week is nothing to compared to the adrenaline from hearing a cat start to barf while inside my light tent.

And I’m totally gonna point fingers here, since I was successful is grabbing him and moving him off anything sewing related before the actual barfing happened. This guy…… is on the naughty list.

2 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Pure Adrenaline”

  1. Oh my goodness. Design and make a quilt 3 times? In a week? You are going to have to do something about your superquilterwomab status in your crew or you are going to die! And you grabbed the cat in time! Wow – moving beyond super woman to goddess heights now 😳😁

  2. Good for you in asking for some grace! If quilting gets too stressful, then it isn’t fun and that isn’t good! How can that cute, sweet little kitty be on the naughty list? Just kidding, I’ve got two….I know how!

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