WIP Wednesday – Putting the Zig with the Zag

I’m in the throes of pattern writing, and hoo boy am I glad I ended up making 3 versions of this quilt. Each of the subsequent two has proven I made an error in the writing of the pattern, so hoo boy, that is a nice safety net.  And it’s better for potential customers to see a variety of fabrics to help with imagining their own color choices.

Here is the first version (which I put together on pure instinct, obviously, given the pattern errors I found!) under the needle for quilting. I’m hoping to finish the quilting on it tonight and move on to the second one tomorrow.

Now I just have to figure out what to quilt in the white areas. And the yellow areas. And probably the green… !


2 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Putting the Zig with the Zag”

  1. I know you aren’t a sportsball fan, but those are Packer colors! Your stupid Flacons just stomped all over my team, so I think it is fitting that those are the colors you chose 🙂 If that quilt needs a home when all is said and done, let me know! Seriously…. Glad you found those errors. Your future customers appreciate it very much!

  2. I really like it that you make a couple of samples when you write patterns. It is really important to show that different fabrics can be successful.

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