HtbaS – Episode 296

In episode 296 of the Hip to be a Square Quilting Podcast, I give a run down on some of my recent sewing and prep for QuiltCon and the Sportsball Sew In this weekend! More complete show notes up in a bit!

Today’s podcat was Jett!

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  1. Aren’t you fortunate? We haven’t seen 60 degrees since I don’t know when. Not that it makes it to 60 in the summer, but we do get there in Spring and Fall. However, I know this was a few weeks ago (still #podcastdeliquent, but catching up) and it is probably 2 degrees again. No, I don’t wish that on you.

    I am sorry to hear you will have to go into an office at least part of the time. That will seriously screw with your schedule and mood, I know. HP did that and started to monitor people’s entrance into the company. They lost so many good people that I Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard are certainly spinning in their graves.

    Does Lynn also make samples or does she have another job responsibility?

    I actually do appreciate it when designers make more than one version and show different fabric options. Not just for people who can’t imagine the quilt with different fabric choices, but because it proves that the pattern works well with a variety of fabrics. Some patterns don’t work well with different fabrics for some reason.

    I kind of wish you had your old theme song as I get confused about which podcast I am starting when I am letting iTunes run.
    Take care,

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