HtbaS – Episode 297

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I talk about some recent changes at work, getting ready for QuiltCon next week, some exciting (yet panic-inducing) news, the Super Bolt sale and state of the stash, and some recent quilting.

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2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 297”

  1. Fantastic quilting! Love the different densities.

    The whole job thing seems very disruptive to departments and, thus, the company as a whole. Did management say why they made this decision? What does your boss say? did they really think this through? Perhaps you can suggest a bus to take all the workers from your area to downtown Atlanta? I haven’t seen such a bus for your company here, but other large tech companies have them.

    I received a lot of niece/nephew school photos before we got to that stage of development with the YM and I found it very jarring to be looking at a kid wearing a crazy t-shirt sitting in a forest (canned backdrop). When it came time for YM to take school pictures, I made him wear a solid color when he wasn’t wearing his school uniform. I can smugly say that his school pictures look the best of most of the other grandchildren. Of course he is the most handsome as well, which is not to say I don’t like my nieces and nephews. 😉 Good choice on solid colors when you record the Stitch.

    Joe Montana is probably a jerk as well based on other celebrities. I don’t know him personally (I know you are feeling shock and horror right now. 😉 ), but my MIL likes his public persona and I can’t say I don’t hate his public persona. I can’t seem to idolize celebrities, however.

    I am glad I inspired you with diamonds. The Renewed Jelly Roll Race is here: You were kind not to say that the original was hideous. I thought it was fairly hideous. One of the things I don’t like about JRRs is that I prefer to design my quilts and that technique is a little too free for all for me. It was fun to try and the quilt eventually ended up to be fantastic. Do you remember my Fabric of the Year quilt from a few years ago made with diamonds?

    Still haven’t gotten the Hanging Tree I am reading Jane Eyre in preparation for reading Jane Steele, which Daisy liked. I thought reading Jane Steele would be a good excuse to get Jane Eyre out of the way. JE isn’t as boring as I thought it would be, though it is no Peter Grant novel. As soon as I am done with these two, I am going to re-listen to the whole series again THEN the Hanging Tree. You are tempting me, though. I am glad you confirmed my thought that the HT would reference the other books.

    Take care,

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