WIP Wednesday – Smiley

This week I’m wrapping up the last of the 5 samples for the pattern I’m working on. I have a fervent hope I will finish it TODAY and then I can work on something else. To be honest, that something else is another pattern, but for a magazine! Very exciting.

Anywho, when I haven’t been chained to my HQ Sweet Sixteen, I’ve mixed it up with some piecing.  A friend of mine named HollyAnne, who is a podcast listener/watcher of The Stitch is starting up a new nonprofit called Quilts for  Cure.  Her first project is collecting 10″ heart blocks to make quilts for children undergoing cancer treatment in the Atlanta area.

She’s asking for blocks by Feb 14th, so if you want to make a couple, check out her blog with instructions and how to donate.

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Smiley”

  1. Thanks for the tip on HollyAnne’s project. I missed that notice and will see what I can do. Hope you get to some relaxing piecing soon.

  2. Howdy! I am a new listener (about two months) and I really am enjoying your podcast. I started quilting about a year ago and any help, suggestions, and tutorials are much appreciated for this new addiction.

    That being said, I am truly shocked at how you have time for all that you do. Now this is NOT a criticism, more a request to help me find more time. You read books, watch Netflix shows, and quilt at an amazing speed. I seem to barely find time to get a few squares pieced in one weekend. Please, please tell me your secrets. House cleaning, laundry, driving kids to their after-school stuff…..it bogs me down weekly!

    Looking for more time-management advice,

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