HtbaS – Episode 298

We are nearing 300 episodes of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast! That would not meaningful in another non-base 10 counting method, so come along for some fun recapping of a bit of QuiltCon, the pile-up of sewing projects in my sewing room, and a review of Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

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  • Today’s podcat was Morelli

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 298”

  1. The weekend with you and Lynn was a blast and I’m already counting the days until Nashville!

    And, yes, I will go ahead and give the Karen Slaughter books a try. I hope you understand that I’m still learning to trust you again after The OA! LOL!

  2. Yes, #podcastdeliquent.

    I enjoy having a child with whom I can communicate in a semi-adult way. He has actual ideas and can impart them. I am also not overly sentimental – or at least I never thought i was – in terms of mom-gush. I think it is just a style of parenting and we shouldn’t have to apologize for it. I was over the crying, flailing temper tantrum after the first one. My lack of understanding or sympathy for that communication style taught the YM that it didn’t work on me, which was a good, if unintentional result.

    I am barely in the breakeven range of my fabric usage for the year. I think I am 2 yards in the black. I didn’t go on the huge 40 yard binge in January that I did last year, but I just haven’t finished any quilts. I am working on quilts, but they are giant and have about 8,000 small pieces. When I do finish I will have some big finishes, but until then…. barely breaking even. Thus, you are not alone.

    How about meeting Frances, Daisy and Tina?

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