WIP Whoopsday – Sigh

QuiltCon was wonderful and exhilarating and exhausting all in one, and I will try to write about it over on The Stitch TV Show site. I make no promises, however, because…

Unfortunately I came back to work to a super busy time and I’ve not had energy to do much of anything outside of work.  Time marches on, however, and I did pull it together long enough last night to make the top for my Star Wars mini for the May the Fourth Be With You Swap.  We had to show progress on Instagram as a check in.

My picture is less than impressive, frankly, BUT I am liking the direction it’s taking.  As I said in the caption on Instagram, it’s going to come alive with the quilting! Such are the hazards of in-progress pictures.

2 Replies to “WIP Whoopsday – Sigh”

  1. I can see the possibilities with what you have chosen. The colors are right with what I have associated with Star Wars in my head. Sorry work is busy, but the weekend is almost here.

  2. I am so jealous of your QuiltCon adventures. I followed along on IG. After your recommendations for apps you use, do you both listen to other podcasts for quilting as well? Any suggestions?

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