HtbaS – Episode 301

It’s a time-warp-cast! In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I talk about catching my breath between travel, where I’m sitting when this episode gets released, how the first few weeks of commuting again has been, and general reflection on what’s to come.

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  1. You got me a little confused thinking today was Friday. Whoop whoop podcast a day early is a good surprise. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the beach.

  2. Hope you are having a great time at the beach. Just wanted to let you know that I throughly enjoy your podcasts and any time you can give is great.

  3. I find it interesting that you like beach vacations but don’t like the water.

    #podcastdeliquent again. I try to get up to date, but then I get behind again.

    I just listened to Blissfully Dead by Voss and Edwards and found it to be a satisfying thriller. It wasn’t too gory.

    I think your concerns about your children are valid. For a long time, the YM wasn’t allowed to be on the computer without us around. We also had very frank talks about the Internet. We did give him some independence, but it was gradual and earned. He still isn’t very good about monitoring his time online. I think it is very important to monitor our kids and talk to them about what they see. I am glad the working at the office thing has some benefits. Commuting is never a benefit, so we’ll just consider that a given.

    Yay for finishing the magazine pattern!!! Good job!

    I am drowning in terms of stash statistics. Not as bad as last year, but not great. I really wish I would get the Peacock back as that will really help my stats. For the moment, I am deep in the red working on giant blocks for giant quilts.

    I always put quilts up in my office. A few pics of the family, but mostly quilts and toys.

    Good colors and ‘ugly’ designs in fabric scream for cutting it up into smaller pieces. I agree with your strategy.

    Take care!

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