HtbaS – Episode 302

I recap the disappointing cruise we went on (no fault the cruise line, and no compensation due to us), getting back in the quilting saddle with some small projects, a number of book reviews, and what projects I’ve got coming up in the short term!


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  1. I might be caught up now.

    How long does it take your MIL to set up Christmas? For me, we can barely deal with one tree and an Advent calendar.

    Sometimes, I put ShapeFlex on the wrong side of fabric I will use for handles to give them a little more life.

    I put my purse in the trunk. I started doing that when the YM was young and I needed to run him into daycare. I didn’t have enough hands for him and all of his stuff and my purse, so it was safe. I still do it. I can be a problem if I leave my sunglasses in there or money for tolls. most of the time it is not a problem and it usually doesn’t spill.

    It makes me laugh that the Death Star has a middle manager. It makes sense as someone has to be the project manager. Still, it makes me laugh.

    Take care!

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