Maxwell Bag – Finished!

In lieu of WIP Wednesday today, I bring you a finish! On Sunday I was agonizing(ish) over fabric choices for the Maxwell Bag but I made some change-outs and then just plundered ahead before I could second guess anymore. And then I finished it!

I chose to do the pieced version of the main panels rather than the whole fabric, hence the indecision on the fabric assortment. ¬†Because these main panels are also quilted, there’s another layer of prep involved. That part can be a bit maddening – mostly because I wanted to do something different in each panel and not just straight lines in varying widths, but I did find it easier to leave a couple panels on the Soft and Stable and quilt them as one piece (akin to having them all loaded on a longarm machine).

For the side panels, there are nice deep pockets. I bet you can fit a bottle of wine in there!

On the interior, I think I was on a quilting roll and quilted the interior more than was called for in the pattern. Oh well – it’s not a bad thing but took a little more time than originally planned.

A word about the handles. You start with a thick cording and wrap it with a foam interfacing (a.k.a. Soft ‘n Stable). Then you make a fabric tube and feed the foam covered cording through it; that part was the most tedious and was also prone to things getting skootched out of place. Because the cording frays easily, there’s not a good way to catch it and pull it through with a crochet or similar small hook, so you are literally pushing a rope. It took a while, but was doable. I did find I probably trimmed a bit more than put in the directions on order to have all the ends line up and have enough of the fabric tube left over to appropriately cover it with enough overlap to handstitch it in place. So, in sum, handles are irritating but worth it because they are super cushy and stand up on their own, and won’t drag on the floor!

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  1. The bag is gorgeous, I love it! As long as I don’t have a scootching dog or cat, I’m good.

  2. Love your bag. I have ordered pattern. Would you be able to use sellotape over the ends of rope/cording to help ease it through?

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