HtbaS – Episode 304

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I talk briefly about some end-of-school-year activities, my experience and tips for making a tuffet, the recent Netflix series “Anne with an E”.


4 thoughts on “HtbaS – Episode 304

  1. Glad you can get your voicemails now :-). Yeah for finishing your tuffet. They are pretty to look at but have not been on my need or want to do list. Assembling them in a class that has a knowledgeable & organized instructor with a helpful husband is for sure worth the $$$.

    Hopefully you will provide more reviews on your children’s monthly crates experience. I sent the 2 middle grand daughters (ages 4 & 7) each a Kiwi crate for their spring break week this year and my daughter in law had a favorable review for both of them.

    Looking forward to the first celebrity sew in.


  2. But what did you really think about “Anne with an E”? I also appreciated what they were trying to do, enjoyed the first episodes but found the end of the season vexing. I was very angry after watching the final episode. They took something lovely and turned it too much for me. I knew there would be drama but still….They took it too far. Especially with Matthew. I spent the better part of my teen years being afraid to go home because of what i might find. I didn’t appreciate that they took something safe and did that. Just my little rant.

  3. Pam, what were the boxes you got for the kids? I am also looking for something for middle school age? Last summer my kids were about the age of yours now, we hired a college student to take them to movies, pool and keep an eye on them. This year I have more work from home options to keep an eye on them myself.


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