Sunday Stash – Fruitful

Lots of progress this week, although it may not be reflected in the numbers below. It was a tough week at work again, and also the last week of school, but I made both of those work for me by channeling productivity in the sewing room to distract myself.

For small projects, I wrapped up some of the outstanding items for the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild Boutique for the upcoming quilt show (only 10 days to go!) and used some binding stash for that. I also whipped up a couple of Diva Wallets – one for me and one for Lynn to replace the one that was stolen a few weeks ago.


The floral coasters on the finish list were small gifts for the “remembrance walk” that the 5th graders do on the last day of school; mostly because the school suggests flowers be given to all the teachers the kids had while at the school, but I am bad at gardening.

My FQ baskets were my latest attempt to wrangle my fabric stash in my messy sewing room; the pattern came from a Bernina tutorial.  Of course Jett needed to try them out.

I’m really looking forward to finishing up some quilts this week; I’ve got three basted and ready to quilt, and two more in the pile-up after that.  One of those is quite large, however, and needs some longarm time work on it. The other one uses some of that gorgeous Paloma fabric from Ink & Arrow I mentioned in the WIP Wednesday post!

  • Used this week:  5 yards
    • 0.75 yd for binding for Boutique items
    • 1 yd for Diva wallets
    • 3 yd for FQ baskets
    • 0.25 yd for floral coasters
  • Used Year to Date: 93 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yard
    • 0 yd for borders
  • Net Used YTD: 20 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 17.75 yards (19% of total used)

You can see more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

2 Replies to “Sunday Stash – Fruitful”

  1. Pam, I am so impressed with your ability to tune out the stress and sew away. I’m terrible at that, and haven’t sewn since early April because of it. I’ve got to try your method, I bet I’d be a lot happier! Can’t wait to see some of the larger projects that you are working on, but the completed ones look great. By the way, this teacher thinks the floral coaster is a great idea!

  2. You are an inspiration when it comes to channeling stress away from nasty things. Sorry work sucked. Are you looking for something new, even casually? I have made a lot of small items, which does use up stash; it is just not as satisfying as finishing a big quilt.

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