The Stitch TV Show – Episode 218 Audio Only

In this episode of The Stitch TV Show, Pam and Lynn talk about jurying a quilt show, squaring up quilts, and share our experiences in submitting quilt patterns for publication.

Our next Virtual Stitch-In is May 12, 2017 at 7 pm US Eastern, and then again on June 16.

This is the audio-only version of the YouTube video, produced as a quilting podcast. See show notes, links to the various things we talk about, photos, and more on The Stitch TV Show page!  I’ll be back next week for the usual solo geeky fare!

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  1. Pam, I would rather have contacted you by email but was unable to locate. I am in quilty need I have a pattern from a magazine that is 70 by 80. I am in need of a larger quilt, Block construction is not the worry for you. I need the math for an enlarged block, sashing strips… If you or co host has any interest in doing this I would be in your debit. Which means I debits are happily paid. Please let me know ya or nay, Shelly Beth Grappe

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