Double Wedding Ring Quilt – Finished!

Oh, it’s such a joy to finally be able to share this quilt for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been working on it for a year as a gift for my parents
  2. They are celebrating 50 years of marriage!

To make this quilt, I took class. You may know the teacher as my friend Lynn. 😀  She taught the Quiltsmart  method for the pattern at a local quilt shop, and I’ve been plodding along to make 49 blocks plus 28 outer blocks ever since. That’s a lot of pieces!

Fortunately I found this gorgeous batik border fabric after making the center and it works perfectly (shadow of me taking the picture not withstanding)!
At 116″ square, I ended up quilting the center on a longarm, and then tackling all of the borders on a mix of my domestic machine with a walking foot and my HandiQuilter Sweet 16 for free motion work.

I couldn’t wait until the actual party Saturday to give it to them, so I broke it out Friday night and we took a photo opportunity of it on the actual bed. I think I finally made a quilt big enough for them!


14 Replies to “Double Wedding Ring Quilt – Finished!”

  1. Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous….and I can see why it took a while, especially considering all the other things you’ve done in between. I can’t have a quilt that pretty on my bed, because my husband refuses to NOT lay on top of the quilt and it just gets too dirty. Still looking for the perfect pattern….

  2. Congrats to your Mom and Dad. I hope they are feeling the love, it is beautiful!

  3. How beautiful! Your parents will be thrilled with such a special gift from you. I love reading your emails and watching you and Lynn on Stitch TV.

  4. What an amazing quilt! It’s such a special gift for your parents. Congrats to your parents on 50 years of marriage, that is quite an accomplishment!

  5. Now that is a beauty! Definitely big enough for that king bed. I just finished a 110×116 inch quilt for my youngest daughter. So nice to be done with the big quilts!

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