HtbaS Quilting Podcast – Episode 308

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I strongly recommend taking a class from Bill Kerr or Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio; the design and color theory lessons are amazing! I also catch up on my recent travel, computer woes, and books I’ve read.

Books mentioned in this podcast:

2 Replies to “HtbaS Quilting Podcast – Episode 308”

  1. Is this your personal laptop? This same thing happened to the YM’s computer. He has a Dell and they said it was typical of the model he has. $205+ repair, but cheaper than a new computer.

    I agree that Bill Kerr is an excellent teacher. One of the best I have every had.

    I listened to a short story audiobook from Ben Aaronovitch, that made me say ‘huh?’ I haven’t listened to or read the Furthest Station yet, but will.

    Take care!

  2. I’m jealous. The Furthest Station isn’t available in the UK until September. The US has finally got its own back with this series.

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