Summertime Blues – Finished!

I was quite happy to finish up this Saturday Sampler quilt. I went rogue and didn’t go with the kit that the shop offered for the layout since I wanted to add a third color to the blue and white palette for some pop.

Of course, to do this layout, I needed a 13th block for the center! I had enough scraps from the previous kits to make one without a problem.  The green and blue batiks in the center came from my stash.

The pieced setting triangles with that floral print came from necessity (read: fabric shortage) rather than a design choice, but I really like how they turned out!

For the quilting, I did a mix of orange peel designs to set off the piecing in the blocks, and ribbon candy in some of the larger areas. I’ve been practicing that motif quite a bit.

This will go to its new home in a couple weeks!


6 Replies to “Summertime Blues – Finished!”

  1. I’m facing rotator cuff surgery and what to my surprise to find your posting when I googled Rotator Cuff surgery tips! The recovery sure will eliminate my quilting for awhile. I hope I can recover as well as your husband. Kitty

  2. Does the shop have a show and tell of all the quilts or do they post photos of finished quilts? What did they think of your layout (if you showed them??)

  3. Ooh, I love this one! But I’m partial to blue and white quilts anyway. The green adds just the right little something. Nice choice! It turned out great!!

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