WIP Wednesday – Piles and Piles

I have a quilt retreat coming up in October, and I am already feeling the pressure to organize and pack for it.  I’ve got a couple simple quilt tops kitted up a ready to go, but would like to get a couple others cut and ready to piece. And that’s on top of learning I need to go to a last-minute work conference next week! Yikes.

I usually overpack by about 1 project, so start placing your bets on which one doesn’t get put together!

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Piles and Piles”

  1. I also have a quilt retreat in October, but won’t really start packing until the weekend before. It’s an annual retreat, so I have a pretty standard list for the machine and accessories. I’ll only take one or two big projects, then some knitting to fill in the gaps. Pretty sure I already know which projects are going, though the list will likely change a few times in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Just got back from quilt retreat and I overpacked by four projects. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get all of them done, but I wanted a backup or two in case there was a problem with and of them. I had a problem with one of my quilting feet, so I couldn’t quilt a project I really wanted to quilt. Good thing I overpacked with piecing projects. I got two pieced that I didn’t expect to work on.

  3. PS getting all the “prep” (e.g. cutting, fusing interfacing, etc) really helped me be productive at the retreat. I was making some bags, so I ensured I had all the hardware I needed as well. I am pretty excited by my productivity and feel like I did everything right on that front.

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