HtbaS 315: Travel Follies and Jane Sassaman Workshop

In this quilting podcast episode I recap my workshop with the delightful Jane Sassaman, some travel adventures in Washington DC, and even more books I read.

Books reviewed on this episode:

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3 Replies to “HtbaS 315: Travel Follies and Jane Sassaman Workshop”

  1. I am behind again. I worked from home all week and thought I would catch up on things like podcasts and writing blog comments. Instead I just crunched data and worked on pivot tables and didn’t take breaks. We’ll see if I do better next week.

    I have read a lot of books. I discovered Julie James, sort of high class bodice rippers and have been bingeing on her. I like the strong female characters. Everyone is gorgeous, though, so that is a slight turnoff. Not so much that I stop reading them.

    The National Zoo is a great place. Good way to use some time. I find Neopolitan pizza to be hit or miss. Sometimes the sauce is too thin, like you said. I don’t know why that is. As you can imagine, pizza crust is a challenge for me anyway (gluten free situation), so if I eat GF pizza, I want it to be excellent.

    I have seen a Jane Sassaman trunk show, but I have never taken a class from her. Your recommendation is a good one and I will look for a class with her soon. I would especially like to take a design class with her.

    You MUST definitely add the destashed fabrics to your spreadsheet. If they are not there, you get the credit. Out is out.

    I always like making a background (pushed neutral – check out Mary Mashuta’s old book on wearables) out of different but similar fabrics. It adds interest. My Down the Drain quilt has that, though i added a couple of darks, which I wouldn’t normally add.

    Congrats on the new job! I look forward to hearing more about it. I am confident that it will be a good change.

  2. I listen to your podcasts any chance I get. You are to funny! I love it. I Appreciate all the great information you give. Thank you

  3. Hi Pam, Glad you were able to get to the Washington Zoo. I enjoyed my visit there and also avoided the reptile house. Hubby took the children through that and I wandered elsewhere.

    I was Jane Sassaman’s hostess for part of her time here. She arrived last Monday, lecture & trunk show Tuesday, class Wednesday. I took her Suns & Moons class as I was also interested in her design techniques and pushing myself too. It is a wall hanging and artsy as you would expect. She also has a machine applique technique I wanted to learn about. You described her well when you used the word gentle. I picked two other quilters to join Jane and I for dinner because she wanted a small group to be able to talk with everyone at the table. Turns out we have several acquantices in the quilt world in common so we had a good chat as I returned her to her hotel.

    I will spend time this week prepping for quilting retreat next week. Having learner from you the more projects that are cut and ready to go the more productive the retreat. Tell Rhonda I said hi!

    Have a great week. The new job sounds interesting and I look forward to hearing more when you are ready to share.

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