HtbaS 318: Corporate Training and Catching Up (fixed)

(this is a fix for the previous post with wrong linked audio file- when you listen you’ll understand why I made the mistake!)

It’s been an intense week here in Square Central while I attended some corporate training and caught up previously on some of the quilt top pile-up I had developed. I’m 2/3rds of the way through the pile-up now, so it’s all good!

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2 Replies to “HtbaS 318: Corporate Training and Catching Up (fixed)”

  1. Pam , congratulations on your promotion. I am very sad for the additional commute. I think we are leading parallel lives because we have been having many days of corporate training for a new computer program on my end too. I don’t do well with teachers telling me where to put my eyes for 4 hours. Of course, no one knows how we are going to apply this new stuff to our processes , of yea can’t wait!

    I think you are doing great and a glad your quilt life was able to make your work life awesome!!!

    Brazilian steak house ….. meat sweats…. I went with a bunch of Highland Games dudes who like to eat to one of these resturaunts. Oh boy….I enjoyed it but still so much food.

    Thanks for sharing I really identified with your feeling about work, quilting and introverted life on the last 2 episodes…. Happy Thanksgiving!

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