HtbaS 320: Holiday Swaps, Merriment, and Sewing

It’s a new quilting podcast! After forgetting to record yesterday (whoops), I catch everyone up on holiday sewing and swaps, my “quilt finish a day” for the rest of my vacation, how 2017 was a pruning year, and more. Happy New Year!

The quilt is the picture is a panel version of The Nope! Quilt; you can get the digital pattern over on the The Stitch TV Show shop.

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3 Replies to “HtbaS 320: Holiday Swaps, Merriment, and Sewing”

  1. Thanks for the tip about the Nope quilt being good with panels. I have some panels i love but couldn’t figure out how to work them into a quilt.

    I sent you a message (actually two) on FB messenger yesterday and had to laugh as i listened to your podcast today as you talked about pruning things; what a coincidence!

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