HtbaS 321: Vacation Quilting, Spanische Windtorte and More Stories

It looks like Saturday quilting podcast postings are in my future for the short term due to some day job commitments. I share some stories from vacation I meant to last time, including my Great British Bake-Off Adventure, our Ikea trip, and more!

Behold, our Spanische Windtorte as the featured image!

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3 Replies to “HtbaS 321: Vacation Quilting, Spanische Windtorte and More Stories”

  1. No worries here. Your life is very full right now. Take time to breathe. I enjoy the podcast very much but understand how scheduling can change things

  2. Your baking adventure sounds like a blast. I personally have been on a sugar high for weeks.

    Totally get where you are with decommitting, and I have half as much going on as you do. Take care of yourself. We’re here when you have time – that’s what the podcast app is for.

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