WIP Wednesday – Quilting Machine

This week I’ve been working on finishing up pattern samples for our July pattern release; not only am I making the two that are featured in the pattern itself, but also a third shop sample to accompany the printed patterns. The two for the pattern have been handed off for production and photography; here’s a sneak peek at the quilting on the back of one of the samples.

My ribbon candy is slowly improving thanks to practice!

The third sample (which I thought I asked everyone to stop me if I decided to do three samples at one time for a pattern?) I worked on at the sew-in last night. Here’s hoping the seams I sewed on my Featherweight are straight!

WIP Whoopsday- Slacktacular

Guys, I’m sorry. I fell of the face of the earth. It’s prep time for my Vegas conference, and the following week is the big project launch for a work thing, and then the next week I’m vacation. I will try my darndest to keep things moving and posting over here, but if you need a quick fix of “What is Pam up to?” just watch Instagram for more upcoming bathroom art and who-knows-what-else from my travels.

Also, I got stuck in traffic for two hours trying to get home yesterday, and if that doesn’t crush your spirit, I don’t know what will. The good news is at the end of it, I did get to a sew-in and spent some time with Marcia, my Singer Featherweight.