WIP Whoopsday – Little Miss Muffet

I flaked on posting in the actual WIP Wednesday for this because I wasn’t actually finishing this little project until last night!  I signed up for a tuffet class at a local shop, Sew Main Street, for January originally so I could take it with a friend. Due to a Series of Unfortunate Events, really more Jerry-Lewis-French-farce than true disaster, I ended up not taking the class until May.

It’s not hard per se – the toughest bits are pressing the fabrics once they are all sewn together and using the giant pokey upholstery needle to tuft the tuffet with the button. Of course, the benefit of the class is that we had extra help on hand to help with the bits that require manual labor, and the kits came with the foam already adhered to the wood base and covered in batting.

If you’re local to Atlanta and want to make a tuffet, go get the kit from Sew Main Street! The pattern we used was from Erin Underwood Quilts.

WIP Wednesday – Tiny Tuffet

Because life has a sense of humor, I came down with a heinous migraine yesterday so am just now getting caught up on work and sewing in advance of my class with Bonnie Hunter tomorrow! I did manage to fit in a small finish, however.

When I was visiting the quilt shop while at my parents’ house, Nancy’s Calico Patch (hi ladies!), I found this kit for a tiny adorable tuffet pin cushion.

The kit, from License To Quilt came with the foam insert, walnut shells, pattern, wood base, and bolts.  I supplied the fabric, button, and cabinet knobs for feet.  I have some very hefty brass knobs from our previous house that I couldn’t let go of for some reason, and now, finally they have a purpose!

The glamorpuss purple sparkly button came from my depths of my soul or something, because heck if I can remember why I would have ever bought such a thing.  Fabric came from a quilt shop visit with Jaye in San Francisco, so the project is chock full of travel memories!