WIP Wednesday – No Longer Hunkered Down

I’m looking forward to neither using nor hearing the phrase “hunker down” for a couple weeks; Hurricane Irma passed through my area, and we lucked out and only had a steady rain with minimal wind gusts at my house. School was cancelled for a couple days to prepare for the worst, so I’m quite happy that the kids are back in school today.

Since we never lost power, I’ve made some progress on other donation quilts.  First up is the rainbow unicorn one:

And also the pastel floral one:

I should point out that while Irma didn’t wreak much havoc, Hurricat Nina did sweep through.

WIP Wednesday – More Like an Early Finish Friday

It’s a mixed bag for WIP Wednesday; some finishes and some in-progress shots!

First up, a quilt that I finished a few weeks ago, which will be donated through my guild to the Dept of Family Child Services.

This one is made from the leftover bits of Sparkling Gems, the quilt that keeps on giving.  The quilt I made from previous leftover bits of that quilt was called Morse Code. Sadly, all the bits are now used up, except for one lone weirdly sized pinwheel that I went Full Elsa on and let it go into the scrap bin for stuffing into animal beds!

I’ve also been brushing up my free motion quilting with this fun texture in prep for an upcoming blog hop with Christa Watson that starts tomorrow. The full results will get posted over on The Stitch TV Show blog, but here’s the sneak peek for you:


WIP Wednesday: Back At It

This week I’ve been trying to get back into the groove and finishing some things before the next wave of giant projects hit.  I’ve been remiss in finishing up a couple things for my mom, so I’ve been working on some alternative throw pillow covers and various projects.  I’m trying my hand at a cathedral window-style cover; it looks better than I’d thought it might for a first try!

And it’s also time to get back to quilting; I took the cover off Cindy to find the table bed cover had buckled, like maybe the cats had skidded onto it so much that it skootched it over? I peel up the double sided tape and smoothed it all out again, so easy enough to fix,