WIP Wednesday – Love(ly)

This week I’ve been working on taking care of two birds with one stone: another giant hexagon Belinda sample and a quilt for a new baby!  I finished the top assembly over the weekend, and have spent recent time quilting it.  Rather than rely completely on my usual default meander quilting, I mixed it up with some words.

I’m rather thankful for my 5th grade penmanship award!

WIP Wednesday – Pouchy

I’ve taken a couple days break from quilting to sew some zipper pouches for an upcoming craft market for Good Mews; fortunately I had scraps and FQs of interesting cat fabric that lent themselves to this project!

I got 3 large pouches and 2 small assembled last night, with an additional two small ones about halfway done, all using the Noodlehead tutorial for the Open Wide zippered pouch.  To entertain myself (and leaving the election campaign result monitoring to my husband, who would occasionally grumble and/or cheer and let me know how things were going), I did so to a mini-marathon of Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime. Nothing like a period drama to take you out of currently day politics. Except when it’s all #LadyPower. Oh well; it’s a good show, though,

I should finish up the pouches tonight and then I’ll move on quilting my Stitch challenge quilt!

WIP Wednesday – The Helperest of Helpers

I really wonder what I would take pictures of if not for cats. Endless entertainment. For me anyway. You all that don’t like cats probably just stash these pics away as evidence why cats are horrible.

First, Nina sat on the four patches for the Stargyle Quilt (I figured out I was five short and needed to make a couple more).

And then I was cutting sashing pieces, and Jett helpfully pre-tested those for me to quantify maximum snuggliness.

I’ve also been battling a migraine on and off all day today, which is particularly challenging since I have 13 conference call today! And the last one is at 9pm tonight. Gotta remember to dial in to it rather than pass out on the couch tonight, so I can talk to my work colleagues in Oz and Asia!

WIP Wednesday – Serving Up Post-Chicago Realness

Wow, this week is truly a recovery week, and trying to take action on all the great stuff I soaked up in Chicago at Sew Pro last week!  I’ll talk more about it on this week’s podcast (posting Friday September 23!), but some of the highlights were:

Kidnapping Christa Watson for dinner Thursday night (who always stops to smile when she sees a camera out, unlike me who always seems to get captured with my RBF showing in spontaneous pictures).

Awkwardly sitting at Tula Pink‘s table while she prepped her keynote and discovering her ad for the Tula Bernina in a magazine at the same time. If you ever get the chance to listen to her speak, DO IT. Shout out to Brenda Ratliff from Pink Castle Fabrics in the middle there.

The gleeful discovery of a series of fine art reproduction paintings in the parking garage in Rosemont near the conference hotel.

There’s a whole series of these recreations with Lynn and I over on Instagram @TheStitchTVShow.

Sewing-wise, I am ramping back up on the The Project That Ate September, and the end is in sight! I am also dodging the baleful eye of the Dresden Garden quilt, which, per my guild UFO challenge, should be done in a month. HA!

WIP Wednesday – Makin’ Bacon

Having wrapped up the Solid as a Rock quilt late Sunday, I have a little breathing room before the next deadline looming over me.  I opted to finish up the tablerunner I got as part of the swap from the East Cobb Quilters Guild. First up was making some bacon for the very ends of the tablerunner:

To make the bacon, I just laid the center cream fabric on top of the reddish fabric (both right sides up) and made a gentle series of curves with my rotary cutter.  Then I stitched them together with a quarter inch seam and pressed, and they weren’t too jacked up!

I’m in the middle of quilting it with some monofilament right now, so I’m hoping to get it done by the weekend.