HtbaS - Episode 148

Today I’m joined by Jaye from! After some tangents on funerals and holiday gift giving and decorating, we spend a good bit of time talking about inspiration and where we find it (and how it finds us).


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I like quilts, cats, math, and science fiction. Not always in that order.
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6 Responses to HtbaS - Episode 148

  1. margaretk says:

    I enjoyed this podcast while on my walk today. I don’t know if you have done any Craftsy classes yet, but there is a free lecture series from the Modern Quilt guild Quilt Con. I just watched/listened to the Angela Walters lecture about Free Motion Quilting - you might want to give it a try if you are looking for free motion inspiration - she is very accomplished, and seems to want to avoid rules or quilt police, so I thought of her when you were talking about your free motion quilting today. (I think you do have to have an account, but it really is free.)

  2. Bendurbubble says:

    I’m a new quilter and I have never made a kit quilt, I pick a room in my house or pick a person to make it for and make it accordingly. I like to mix and match my patterns. I’m a mad scrappy person so I ain’t bothered what goes in what. My attitude is “oh that doesn’t look like total garbage lets do that!”

  3. Judi Rutherford says:

    Hi Pam, AirTran is assigned seats. Southwest is the cattle call so when AirTran is nearly fully consumed by Southwest I will be back flying Delta.

    Start piecing the Dresden plate. The quilting part will be fine!

  4. NONNIE says:

    HI .. PAM and Jaye …

    I am blaming you to for keeping me awake when I really should have gone back to sleep. (3am est) YOU two were a blast to listen to and I could not go back to sleep cause I was laughing so much. You two need to do this again.

    As for Pumpkins… DD now does the decorating and pumpkin carving … Yipee she is torchered by grandson… payback can be so sweet. My decorating had dwindled away when did not live at home… I had one Christmas tree wall hanging that hung on the curtains where present could be placed… love that wall hanging but not good enough for a 5 year old…. who wants to help decorate.

    INSPIRATION…. 1/ Starts with WHAT / Who the quilt is being gifted to… right now I am making a series of baby quilts. Each one seemed to take on a life of there own. I learned to FMQ on the baby quilts and have gotten much better from the first quilt to the one I am working on now #6.

    2/ Pinterest has become a big source of inspiration… and yes I go back and look at the boards to remind me of my plans. Tried keeping it just on my computer but I have KILLED two computer this passed year and had to start over again. Saving my pictures on Pinterest allowed me to recover them to the new computer.

    3/ Sometime a quilt is inspired by a new technique or class I have just taken when I want to apply what I have learned. I also get inspired by quilts I see but I design my own patterns for good or bad. I try to NOT copy or replicate someone else’s quilt but I do get ideas from them.

    What I need more of is uninterrupted ME time. Actually working on a project often sparks ideas and improvements in the original design.

    Enjoyed the podcast with Jaye… actually I enjoyed all the podcast on your HIP TO BE A SQUARE.


  5. Just sewed some blocks while listening to you guys and laughing. I have an even funnier funeral story but it might be kind of long to put into a comment so I’ll refrain. I will, however, email it if you’re interested. (I did so well at telling it to you and Jaye while listening to the podcast!)

    Thanks for the company and the laughs.

  6. Qltnn says:

    Favorite line: “…and poof, now I have a king size quilt”. I quilt slower than you could possibly imagine & need a quilt fairy to poof some of my WIPs (WsIP?) into finished quilts!

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