Scrapideux: Win this quilt!

Well, here it is, your chance to win a quilt made by me! And it’s a big old honking one, too.

This is a Scrapitude quilt, designed by Charlotte, with a quilt along hosted by Sandy.  I originally made this as a gift for someone but decided that the Ultimate Scrappy Scrappiness of it was a bit too…. much for the original recipient. Their loss is your gain!

ScrapideuxScrapiduex measures just under 80 x 80″. It’s got a scrappy binding and a pinkish plaid back. It’s been washed and dried and is nice and crinkly and was safely stored in a cabinet until Nina learned to open those doors, so I’ll wash and dry it again before mailing it out.

ScrapideuxSo… how can you win this quilt? I’m glad you asked!

I want to see proof that you’ve sewn a quilt. You may not have even finished it, only completed a top. You may have finished it ten years ago. Or maybe you finished it yesterday – there’s no time limit on when you finished the top or quilt!

Now, there’s no extra points for inventive showcasing of your quilt or top (cheesy Vanna poses, kitty or dog bellies on top of the quilt, showing the quilt is older than me, etc.), but you’ll get a shout out on the podcast and be eligible for a special extra prize I’m not showing until the drawing on the 13th.

So here’s how to submit proof: use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the URL of where your photographic proof is hosted.  It could be on flickr, it could be on a blog, it could be on Instagram, or it could be some other photo hosting site I haven’t even listed.  I’m looking for a URL that I can use to go see of a finished top or quilt.

The drawing will be on July 13, which happens to be my 40th birthday. I’ll ship internationally, too. There’s no extra entries for sharing on social media, so feel free to sit on the giveaway yourself, but be aware I’ll be promoting it myself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Update: A couple people have asked to see the pictures of all the submitted quilts.  If you don’t want me to share the picture you entered, please email me and let me know!

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  1. Ah, just HAD to enter! And disclosure: If I win, you could send it without washing with all the Nina smells 🙂 My boys would have a field day!

  2. I entered and posted pic of quilt ( on my blog) am currently needing to finish …. by next week. Is there a place we can see the other entries… that would be fun to see what the other quilts are. Like your scraptitude quilt. I only made the blocks DAISY requested but did not make a quilt. YOU are such a fast quilter … I tend to take the SLOW QUILT MOVEMENT TO AN EXTREME. … NONNIE

  3. I decided to leave my post from the unveiling of my sisters quilt that took 23 years to complete! It looks very different from anything I would make for myself now but she loves it and is happily snuggled under it in Germany as we “speak”.

  4. Done! I’m making a scrapitude quilt at the moment. I waited till I could see everyone else’s because I’m too much of a control freak to do a mystery! Love, love, love your scrapideux version, don’t think it’s too bright at all.
    And I’d love to see the entries too.

  5. what a lovely quilt. I have entered a page on my blog where I have heaps of quilts… a retrospective of some of my quilts… but there are heaps of other more recent ones on my blog too

  6. How incredibly generous of you, Pam! (i hope i win)
    Happy 40th birthday, young lady 🙂

  7. I sent you a link to the t-shirt quilt I made for my daughter.
    This is what inspired me to start quilting. She gave me this stack of drill team tshirts and told me she wanted me to make her a t-shirt quilt. Ugh!! I had never quilted (barely even sewed in my life). This was my first quilt from scratch, and only maybe my 2nd or 3rd quilt. Needless to say I’m hooked now, just don’t find the time I would like to be able to do more.

  8. I cannot believe you are giving this quilt away…but don’t let me talk you out of it! I just love it, would like to think I’ll make my own, but let’s be serious. How long is that going to take?

    Hoping that my birthday just days after yours brings me extra luck in the drawing.

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  9. In hopes of getting some secret bonus points from a fellow cat lover I entered my cat quilt:

    I had this quilt in a show recently and spent some time hiding behind a wall listening to what people said about it (that probably sounds creepy but it totally wasn’t.) Interestingly, many people couldn’t see that it was a cat face. It had never occurred to be that people wouldn’t be able to tell what it was. A young (early teens) girl saw the cat face right away and took a picture on her phone for her grandma who couldn’t see the cat — on the phone with the quilt shrunk down she could see what it was and then she could see it in the quilt. Also, that teenager said it was her favourite quilt in the show which I’m pretty sure is one of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten (a teenager liked my quilt!)

  10. Love that quilt. As you can see from my entry I have many quilts on Flickr now. Oh and cat fur would be right at home at my house. HAHAHA. My birthday is July 14th…sooooo that would be a great birthday present. I think I have told you before that we could be buds. I love syfy and am a Trekkie at heart. Love your podcast and wait every time I upload my iPod to see if there is another episode.

  11. I entered with a picture of Basket Weave quilt. Why this one? I was having a good hair day and was holding Sammy, who is my son’s favorite Sports Ball mascot. Also, the quilt went to a dear SIL, who appreciates the heck out of it.

  12. My quilt is one I made for my great-grand daughter. I’ve made many many quilts in my >50 years of quilting. Many pictures are in “hard form” so the earliest ones can’t be shared this way. There were many much more complicated than this on for my little Hazel-bug, but I don’t think there were any with more love sewn into it.
    thanks for this opportunity Pam

  13. HI, I live this quilt. so colorful. Thanks for a chance to win. Have a Happy Birthday.. Judy

  14. I am postimg a quilt a gave to my son for his graduation. From the first stitch it took just as long as his his high school education.

  15. I’m posting my finished Celtic Solstice. I added a couple of rows so it wouldn’t be square, and BOY is it big! Hope I’ve posted the link to my Flickr page correctly. I’m kind of a quilting luddite!

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