WIP Wednesday: Testing the Limits

Scrapideux blocksThis week I am wondering if there such as a thing as “too scrappy”.  I blame this partly on my own control-freak tendencies, and partly on the fact that this is a gift for someone and I’d hate for them to think it’s ugly. I don’t think it’s quite ugly, but it certainly is busy!

I did introduce a little control by using one consistent background fabric – a cream with white polka dots.  Not only was that a nod to my inner control freak, but also a time-saving-during cutting technique!

I’ve got all the blocks done, and am in the process of piecing the top together. If you’d like to make your own version of Scrapitude, check out all the steps on Sandy’s blog.

I’m also planning on putting together the rest of the blades from my Bitty Broken Star (in the cool colors to complete the Roy G Biv experience!)


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No Fabric Left Behind – Finished!

No Fabric Left BehindThis quilt is currently en route to my parents’ house, and I sincerely hope it’s large enough! I was pushing the limits of the 120″ square batting while quilting it, and pieced in an additional strip of fabric (same as the border print) into the wide-back fabric we purchased.

I solved the problem of mitered corners on the border by not even going there and using cornerstones instead.

The quilt is too big for my usual photography on the clothesline on the back deck, so I tried to be Fancy and use the fence.  I think I’ll stick to quilting and not photography for a hobby!  For what it’s worth, Bunnywind Downs is what we nicknamed our backyard after we fenced it in.  We say Fred the dog runs “like the bunnywind”, as his rear end goes hippity-hop when he gets up to speed.

No Fabric Left BehindNo Fabric Left Behind

The quilt was inspired by this one, which has been floating around Pinterest and Flickr for a while.

The center is made of 576 of a unit which I can remember the name of, but it looks like an HST within an HST (the Inception unit?), which I put together into blocks of 6×6 units. It makes a cool secondary pattern with the alternate diamonds formed (the “hollow” diamond in the center top of this photo).

No Fabric Left Behind - PillowsMy mom requested two pillowcovers to coordinate, so I used the leftover bits and pieces and strips to free form some in the size she needed.

I hope they enjoy it, and the cats enjoy their new tent. :)

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Sunday Stash – Junk in the Trunk

Seat cushionJust a smidge of usage logged this week as I only finished a small project: a cushion for my office/sewing chair.  I used this tutorial for “Junk in the Trunk” seat cushions from Sew Sweetness as a general guide for putting the extra cushy “biscuits” together for the top, and then winged the rest based on experience and gumption. And the amount of scrap foam I had on hand.

It’s not my finest upholstery work, but then again, it’s something that my butt will touch every day (as I use this chair to either work or sew every day).

Lone star center

I also had a class on the Quiltsmart Lone Star technique this afternoon, and managed to finish 8 out of 32 “blades” in the class.  I’m doing a broken Lone Star design, so there will be a ring of blades outside this center star as well. To pick my colors, I’m channeling my inner Lisa Frank/Rainbow Bright, the outside blades will go from chartreuse to purple, as below.  I toyed with the idea of the text print for the background fabric, but ultimately decided that trying to get the text to align and all face the same way might drive me batty.  I’m going with a solid brown for the background instead, which made the colors pop when I held it up next to the center blades in class.

Owly Images

  • Used this Week: 1.5 yards
    • 1.5 yd for the seat cushion
  • Used year to Date: 131.75 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2014: 74 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 42.25 yards (32% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

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HtbaS – Episode 175

This week I spend about 5 minutes talking about the Heartbleed bug that was announced this week, which can compromise your personal data as you log in and use different websites on the internet.  I also talk about some sewing and my go-to feel good/feel bad books.

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WIP Wednesday: Setting It Up

Setting blocks for Saturday SoiréeI’ve been working on my second Scrapitude quilt (aka Scrapiduex), and piecing together the next step in the setting kit for Saturday Soiree.  I’m almost done with step 1 in Scrapiduex with only 12 more 4-patches to go before I can move on to step 2.  I’ve got two of the 3 setting block types finished for Saturday Soiree, too – the interior blocks and the corner triangles, shown to the right.

I’ll probably finish up the other side setting triangles in the next couple of days, and then see if I can figure out putting some of the top together since I’ve got 11 out of the 12 blocks needed. The last one gets picked up in May!

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Sunday Stash – Skirting the Issue

This week I rewarded myself a bit with a smidge of fabric. Some of it will be used to make a skirt as I need to build my wardrobe up for the warmer months since my old pants literally fall off of me. Not complaining, mind you, but I still hate clothes shopping!  The other intake is the second of three finishing kits for Saturday Soiree, the blue and white quilt.

  • Used this Week: 6 yards
    • 5 yd for the Periodic Table quilt
    • 1 yd for 2 pillows to coordinate with No Scrap Left Behind
  • Used year to Date: 130.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 4.5 yards
    • 1.5 yd for fabric for a skirt
    • 3 yd for setting kit for Saturday Soiree
  • Net Used for 2014: 72.5 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 42.25 yards (32% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

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Saturday Sampler: “Trust Me”

Mum Medallion Block 4

Today has been an interesting day; we had block pick up at Tiny Stitches for Saturday Sampler, and we were all warned to pay attention, follow the directions, and to not drink alcohol while piecing the block for Mum Medallion. You know with a preface like that it’s going to be interesting!

It lived up to the promise however – rectangles turning into triangles, weirdness abounds, but the tiny miracle of piecing and following the directions yields a pretty good looking block!

(Side note: I did not consume alcohol while piecing, but feel like I might need a drink now that it’s done!)

Saturday Soiree Block 11

The 11th block on Saturday Soiree turned out pretty good with some standard flying geese and HST techniques.  I also picked up the second part of the finishing kit to make some setting blocks so I’ll get starting cutting and piecing those units while working on Scrapiduex, the second Scrapitude quilt I’m making.

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HtbaS – Episode 174

I talk about Carole planning a potential Twilter retreat, Daisy’s Round Robin and the UFO contest, Quilt Karma, Finish Along goals from Q1 and potential goals for Q2.

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WIP Wednesday: Beyond the Wall

Jett takes refuge behind the wall of scraps.I’m actually in the middle of a couple projects, but it’s becoming clear that within the span of these projects, I’ll need to tackle the mound of fabric bits waiting to be cut into usable scrap sizes.  Soon.

As in, VERY SOON. Before-it-eats-the-cat-SOON.

Not shown behind the wall of scraps: a three-eyed crow and the white walkers. Shout out to my Game of Thrones peeps!

In the bottom left of the picture are teal and brown scraps which are being integrated into the two pillow covers I need to make to coordinate with my parents’ quilt. Just slightly off camera to the right are the bits going into a Sew Together bag.

At the top of the picture, in white and brown, is the wrong side of the top of the seat cushion I’m making for my office chair (I’ve either blown out the seat cushion in the chair itself, or the padding in my own butt, but either way, I need to remedy the situation). This particular project is a bit like a mystical portal that moves everyday so the cats won’t keep sitting on it before it’s done.

A key to getting all these scraps cut is that I’ll be using them to decide what sort of pattern I’ll be using to make a wedding quilt, so I’ll need to decide on a pattern soon so I can cut into appropriate scraps for the quilt (for the appropriate colors) rather than my standard sizes so I can economize my effort.


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Periodic Table Quilt – Finished!

Periodic Table Quilt

The Periodic Table quilt is finished! It does come together quickly since the most intense piecing is just squares and then a lot of long seams.

I used 3 1/2″ squares, so this quilt finishes at around 48″ x 66″, a decent sized lap quilt.  I had originally planned to use a gray for the background, but didn’t have enough yardage of a single gray to make that work, but the brown sets off the colors just as well. You’ll need around 2 yards of background fabric to make your own version.

Quilting... for SCIENCE!

The colors and square counts are on the graph paper to the left, but for those that can’t read my handwriting, you’ll need:

  • 13 yellow
  • 7 blue
  • 7 medium green
  • 11 orange
  • 38 aqua
  • 6 purple
  • 6 pink
  • 16 lime green
  • 16 red

To piece the various sections, I sewed the following chunks:

  • The pink column (plus one blue square) – leftmost column
  • The purple column – 2nd left column
  • Aqua middle chunk (with 1 lime green and 1 red square)
  • Right chunk with blue, orange, medium green, and one column of yellow
  • The yellow column – rightmost
  • Red / green rows – bottom

Then I cut the background fabric, mostly on the lengthwise grain so the long stretches don’t have any piecing in them (I think the 6 1/2″ x 30 1/2″ piece was the only one cut WOF). Once the color “element” chunks are pieced and pressed, here’s how it goes together:

  1. Aqua chunk sewed to a 6 1/2″ x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric.
  2. Attached purple column and right chunk to either side of aqua/background chunk.
  3. Attach 3 1/2″ x 48 1/2″ piece of background to top of middle chunk.
  4. Attach leftmost pink column and rightmost yellow column to either side of middle chunk.
  5. Attach 9 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to top of middle chunk.
  6. Attach 3 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to bottom of middle chunk.
  7. Attach 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ piece of background fabric to left side of red/green row (make sure green is on top).  Attach 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ piece of background to right side of red/green row.
  8. Attach red/green chunk to bottom of middle chunk.
  9. Attach 9 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to bottom of chunk below red/green rows.
  10. Attach two pieces 6 1/2″ x 48 1/2″ of background fabric to either side, completing the quilt top.

Periodic Table Quilt

Then you can figure out a backing -I went a little crazy and went with a rainbow theme! I quilted with one thread color in the elements, and a different color in the background.

And bonus picture of Nina. Assuming you can find her, as she is a mistress of camouflage!

The Quilter's Cat, in its natural habitat...

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